Auckland’s Most Trusted Electric Vehicle Dealership

Our locally owned dealership has been buying and selling cars for 50 years, and has transitioned to selling electric vehicles. With decades of experience, we understand what it is that Kiwis are looking for in their cars. We have helped many individuals and families find the exact vehicle that suits their needs.

  • Need a safe way to get the kids around?
  • Want a car that gets you excited to be behind the wheel, every time?
  • Interested in getting great KPL driving within cities?

We can find you the perfect fit with our fleet of electric cars. All of our EVs are low-impact, high-efficiency with premier safety features and a wide range of options.

And, they’re more affordable than you may think!

Specialising in Electric

Very few New Zealand dealerships specialise in electric cars, and none rank as highly as ours. Learn more about the difference between electric and petrol, and how switching to an electric vehicle can change your driving experience.
Find out more on our ‘Why Choose Electric‘ page.

Gain Peace of Mind With Harwoodcars.com

Our dealers always put your primary needs first, finding you the best vehicle at the right price with flexible financing options. Come into our dealership today, we’re open seven days a week, to find out what we can do for you